Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Synouvelle Cosmeceuticals
What is one of the most common defects in skin care?

Go to bed without skin cleaning:
One of the most common mistakes is not to clean the skin thoroughly before going to sleep.
At night, the skin has time to perform regeneration work. When makeup, sweat and dirt remain on the skin overnight, the pores that are a sign of aging are enlarged. Furthermore, make-up and dirt on the face left overnight can lead to inflammations that produce free radicals.

In which order are skin care products used?

Skin care routines are different depending on the skin care needs, but there are basic application sequences one should consider.
In order to achieve the best skin care results, start with the thinner consistencies and work towards the thick, creamy formulas.

This is the order:

  1. Liquids, such as cleaning gels, cleaning foam or any type of toner
  2. Serums, light skin gels and fluids
  3. Milky lotions or slightly thicker liquids
  4. Masks and creams with consistencies that do not drip or leak
  5. Ointments, usually petrolatum-based creams, which are mostly packaged in tubes and can be squeezed rather slowly.

Does nutrition affect my skin?

No question, good nutrition is very important for the skin. A good guideline is: what is good for the heart, is good for the skin. Advantageous are essential fatty acids, such as avocado, vegetable oils, cheese or dairy products, and are an important ingredient in our daily diet. If you tend to redness, you should better avoid hot and spicy food, caffeine or red wine. For salt and alcohol consumption you should be somewhat more reserved. Salt accumulates in the skin and causes swelling (e.g. swollen eyes in the morning after a particularly spicy dinner). Finally, if you can largely go without sugar or processed food, it will show a very positive on the skin effect in any way.

Does steam make the skin more absorbent?

Yes, as heat and ascending steam opens the pores. It makes the skin more absorbent and allows the active agents to penetrate even better. It is recommended to combine facial masks with a full bath or, before skin care, to pretreat the skin with warm compresses. Simply soak a terry cloth with hot water, wring it out and put it on the skin. Repeat this procedure several times.