The perfect companion when your skin is in need of protection, or to fight the feeling of tension and dryness.
A high-quality anti-aging cream that gives immediate and long-lasting intense hydration. Through the use of a new technology (sNGF39 complex) the natural growth factors of the skin are stimulated and thus induce collagen and elastin synthesis. Terapeptide and tripeptides (messenger peptides) that have been developed specifically for the activation of the skin’s natural repair process are used at high concentration. Essential anti-aging oils and antioxidants improve the skin’s protective barrier, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped up. The skin shows improved elasticity and resilience.

Anti-Aging, moisture care, toning,
against lines and wrinkles

  • highly concentrated sNGF39 Anti-Aging-active agent complex
  • naturally stimulating the body’s own
    growth factors of the skin
  • increases the synthesis of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid in the
    dermis by communicating with skin cells of the epidermis and
    dermis cell-to-cell communication technology)
  • protecting from premature collagen-, hyaluron- and elastin-degradation
  • rejuvenating the skin structure
  • toning the skin
  • strengthening the skin’s own regenerative ability
  • ultra-effective radical scavenger-properties with immediate
    and long term effective antioxidants
  • providing intensive moisture
  • protecting the skin and preventing the signs of
    skin aging

Apply daily, both mornings and evenings 2-3 drips after cleaning of face, neck and décolleté.
After 1-2 minutes you can continue your daily skincare. Suitable as make-up base.

Our tip:
To achieve the best possible skin result, combine our sNGF creams with our CL all-in-one cleansing foam, in combination
with a SkinBOOSTER (hyaluron concentrate) adapted to fit your needs.

The state of dermis determines the elasticity and firmness of our skin. Since active agents usually cannot penetrate
into the dermis, sNGF-creams follow an entirely new strategy: cell communication.

Cell communication
In the function and operation of the communication between the outer and inner skin layer is thereby taken advantage of, that is, the communication of cells of the epidermis (the epidermis) to the cells of the dermis (dermis). Important for the formation of new collagen and elastin are thereby growth factors. Keratinocytes (horny cells of the top layer of skin) are stimulated so that they make and distribute messengers - growth factors, cytokines. The messengers then penetrate the epidermis (upper skin layer) into the dermis (corium). This way they can reach the fibroblasts, where they connect to specific receptors of the cell surface, and then forward the signal for the formation of collagen and elastin to the cell nuclei.

The new generation of peptides:
Matrikines are messengers during the skin's own repair processes. They stimulate tissue renewal and activate the new synthesis of the extracellular matrix. Thereby they repair age-related skin damage and provide a visible anti-aging effect.

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