Perfect-Skin 3.1

Highly dosed, pore refining concentrated hyaluron. For an even,
vital and firm skin.
Perfect Skin 3.1 is a pore-refining Anti-Aging-Hyaluron-intensive-concentrate. For an even, vital and firm skin.
Based on three different active hyaluronic acids: high molecular, low molecular and liposomal encapsulated. The active substances are most finely balanced, to reach the maximum effect. The skin is replenished with the maximum of moisture. Thanks to a specific molecular modification a perfect water-binding effect in the epidermis is achieved. Thus a significantly noticeable skin-softening effect can be experienced. In addition the body’s own production of hyaluronic acid is stimulated.

Perfect Skin 3.1 was optimized with most finely balanced ingredients, to directly minimize enlarged and unwanted pores. Dryness
lines are filled instantly and long-lasting. The pores are refines significantly.

Fighting large pores, moisturizing care, Anti-Aging,
firming, anti lines & wrinkles

  • maximum concentrated hyaluron for demanding, dehydrated skin
    (11 mg Hyaluron / 1 ml solution)
  • promotes the intensive moisture binding capacity of the epidermis and optimizes the moisture level of the skin
  • refines the pores
  • plumping effect through special triple combined hyaluronic acid
  • preserves moisture in the skin (depot effect)
  • Skin-Softening-effect for a soft, smooth skin
  • reduces dryness lines
  • refines the skin texture, evens the skin profile and alleviates acne
  • stimulates the body’s own synthesis of hyaluronic acid
  • for women and men aged 30 and over
    as well as all types of skin

Apply daily, both mornings and evenings 2-3 drips after cleaning of face, neck and décolleté.
After 1-2 minutes you can continue your daily skincare. Suitable as make-up base.

Our tip:
The serum is very effective in application, if applied on slightly damp skin.

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